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Time for a CHANGE!

 According to the Oxford dictionary, CHANGE is a verb, to make someone or something different; alter or modify. CHANGE is also a noun, the act or instance of making or becoming different. 

There have been several blogs written about the advantages of having your rental properties, whether they’re individual homes, condos, or multi-family units, managed by a successful and well-established property management company like Del Val Realty & Property Management

If you have rental properties, 

• You’re receiving many calls, texts and/or emailed requests for things such as maintenance work, lease information, rent payments and (potential) rent reduction requests. 

• You also may be receiving complaints with regards to unruly tenants, tenants who are not complying with the rules and regulations stipulated by Boroughs or by the HOA communities they reside in, or about longstanding requests which are taking too long to be addressed while you’re looking for qualified maintenance companies. 

• if your investments are in HOA or COA communities can be time consuming. You’ll receive requests for copies of lease documentation and for tenant information, as well as any notifications with regards to changes or community work and activities which must be forwarded to your tenant(s). 

• Copies of your monthly invoices are received. Paying your dues and making sure that your tenants pay for or are charged for utilities is a monthly task.

These messages are going to your personal phone and email, at all hours of the day and night. Most need your immediate attention, response, and follow-up. 

Obtaining rental licenses which are required in many cities, as well as lead certifications in Philadelphia takes time and a lot of work. 

If you haven’t hired Del Val Realty & Property Management yet, you’re doing a lot of the aforementioned and more (accounting alone can be a nightmare). 

You’re probably (maybe?) doing a good job. Think about how much more free time you’ll have to spend with your family and friends, to relax, and to concentrate on other projects if you have Del Val Realty & Property Management do all of the work for you! 

If there comes a time when a lease is, or needs to be terminated, when your tenants become delinquent, require rental assistance, you need to proceed with the court/eviction process, if you suspect that there’s over normal wear and tear damage occurring, if you discover that your tenants have pets or other individuals who are not on the lease living at your property, are you able to manage these things? 

Change is inevitable. We have no control over when life throws a curveball at us. We must just adapt. Adapting to challenges like those mentioned is easier with trained professionals driving the train. 

When you choose to alter he way your investment(s) are managed, there will be a learning curve and you will need to adapt and trust us with the process. Your portfolio will be assigned to one of our experienced Property Managers who will happily explain the processes and answer any questions you may have! You’ll also have a responsive maintenance team, access to our rental licensing coordinator, marketing team to get your property rented or re-rented when leases are terminated, an accounting team who will keep your rental owner statements current, and a sales division who can assist you expand your portfolio or sell your investments when you’re ready to do so! 

What is YOUR time and peace of mind worth? It’s time for a CHANGE! 

Are you ready to join our great team? We know the Landlord Secrets! Let us do the leg work, managing your investment(s) and maximizing your profits!

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