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Welcome to Our Premier 18 Step VIP Home Seller Program

Experience unparalleled excellence with our exclusive 18-Step VIP Home Seller Program, where your home is guaranteed to be sold within the next 100 days, or we'll buy it from you. No other seller program rivals the comprehensive benefits we offer.

As a part of this elite program, you'll receive over $1,000 in complimentary gifts and enjoy savings of $1,000 on your next home purchase. We take pride in being marketing and sales experts, ensuring your home receives the attention it deserves.

With a vast network of over 10,000 buyers, your home might find its perfect match within our extensive community of potential buyers. Trust us to elevate your selling experience to new heights.

Step 1: Comprehensive Listing Consultation with a Complimentary Comparative Market Analysis

  • Dive into our 18-Step VIP Home Seller Program during an in-depth listing consultation. We meticulously explore every facet of the process, ensuring transparency from start to finish.

  • Walk through your home with us to craft a tailored marketing strategy that maximizes your property's appeal, aiming for the optimal balance of top-dollar value and a swift sale.

  • As part of this step, benefit from a FREE Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report. This invaluable resource provides insights into current market conditions, recent comparable sales, your competition, and our expert opinion on your home's value and listing price, all backed by the latest market research.

BONUS #1: Complimentary Comparative Market Analysis Receive a detailed CMA report, empowering you with an estimate of your home's worth ($195 value).

Step 2: Buyer-Friendly Convenience

  • Address one of the buyers' major concerns—potential repair costs—right from the start. Our gift to you is a FREE Home Warranty Program for your buyer, eliminating worries about unforeseen repairs and allowing them to focus on the excitement of purchasing your home.

BONUS #2: Home Warranty Policy Enjoy a one-year Home Warranty Policy ($495 value) at no additional cost, enhancing the overall appeal of your property to potential buyers.

Step 3: Immersive Visual Experience with Professional HD Quality Video and Photos

  • Compelling videos and photos are the cornerstone of attracting potential buyers to your home.

  • As a vital component of your marketing campaign, we enlist the services of a professional photographer to capture stunning High-Quality HD photos and create an engaging virtual tour video of your property.

  • This Virtual Tour is strategically showcased on major platforms such as®, Zillow, and YouTube, maximizing exposure to a broad audience of potential buyers and their real estate agents.

  • Whether browsing through MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, or various other listing sites, it's the captivating photos and virtual tour that ignite the desire for prospective buyers and agents to schedule a personal showing of your home.

BONUS #3: FREE Professional Video and Photos Experience the added value of professional HD quality video and photos with a complimentary service by a skilled photographer ($250 value).

Step 4: Precision with KeyWords

  • Recognizing the power of online searches, we collaborate with you to curate a targeted list of 25 to 50 keywords.

  • These keywords become integral to our advertisements and internet marketing, ensuring that your listings are visible to potential buyers who utilize any of the specified key words in their search queries. This strategic approach enhances the discoverability of your property among the right audience.

Step 5: Maximizing Exposure on the Philadelphia Area Multiple Listing Service (BRIGHT)

  • BRIGHT, our exclusive real estate agent platform, provides unparalleled exposure for your property.

  • As part of our strategy, we ensure your home stands out by crafting an enticing property description enriched with keywords. We utilize captivating photos and guide fellow agents on scheduling showings and submitting offers, presenting your home in the best light on BRIGHT.

Step 6: Harnessing Technology for Internet Marketing Excellence

  • Leverage the power of online searches with BRIGHT and Del Val’s specific online advertising outlets. Your home will feature on hundreds of websites, reaching potential buyers actively searching for properties like yours.

  • Each advertisement incorporates your Key Word List, enhancing your property's discoverability in online searches.

Step 7: Unlock the Potential of Your Home's Value

  • Del Val consistently achieves an average of 96.7% of the listing price for our sales over the last 4 years.

  • Compare this to the average real estate agent in the Philadelphia area, who only secures 94.1% of the listing price. By choosing Del Val, you stand to gain 2.7% more for your home – an extra $5,400 in your pocket on a $200,000 home.

Step 8: Amplifying Reach Through Social Media

  • We strategically showcase your home on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Our targeted advertising reaches specific demographics likely to be interested in buying your home.

Step 9: Unleashing the Power of Our Extensive Buyer Network

  • With a combined list of 8,500 potential buyers and renters, including condo and rental unit management, Del Val exposes your home to a vast pool of interested parties.

  • Our lead management system ensures consistent communication with prospective buyers, utilizing text messages and emails to keep your property at the forefront during their decision-making process.

Step 10: Mobilizing 5,000 Real Estate Agents for Swift Sales

  • Leveraging the network of over 5,000 real estate agents in the Philadelphia area, we promote your property on the BRIGHT system, ensuring all top agents are aware of your listing.

  • Proactive notifications to key agents expedite the process of matching potential buyers with your home, increasing the likelihood of a swift and successful sale.

Step 11: Elevate Your Real Estate Agents' Compensation! 

  • In the typical real estate transaction, agents receive a commission for introducing their clients to your property and facilitating an offer.  

  • HOWEVER, Del Val goes above and beyond by providing other agents with a competitive commission for equivalent effort. • This translates to increased income for the cooperating agent!  

  • Imagine which homes that agent will prioritize showcasing and recommending to their clients – indeed, yours!

Step 12: Showing Feedback

  • This empowers us to proactively engage with agents, extracting direct market feedback from their clients. Discover their impressions, evaluate our listing price, understand likes and dislikes, and gauge where we stand compared to other properties they're considering.

  • With this dynamic approach, we fine-tune our marketing strategy and assess the optimal listing price for your home, ensuring a strategic advantage in the real estate market.

Step 13: Unveiling Our "Sweeten the Deal" Approach

  • Statistics reveal that the average home buyer assesses 12-24 properties before making a purchase decision – a process where homes can sometimes blur together.

  • Recognizing this challenge, especially when buyers are torn between 2-3 options, we suggest integrating a compelling incentive to make your home stand out and leave a lasting impression.

  • Consider offering a distinctive perk, like a complimentary 55” Curved TV for buyers submitting a full-price offer within the initial 30 days. Picture the impact – your home becomes unforgettable!

  • Our "Sweeten the Deal" strategy opens the door to various enticing options, and we're eager to delve into these during our detailed Listing Consultation. Elevate your home's appeal and leave a lasting mark in the minds of potential buyers!

Step 14: Precision in Pricing

  • During your Listing Consultation, we embark on an extensive market research journey, meticulously determining the optimal listing price. Our goal: to maximize exposure, attract a broad pool of buyers, and ensure your home sells at a premium, swiftly.

  • In our commitment to your success, we conduct bi-weekly reviews of your home's activity. If it falls short of expectations, we're quick to respond. Discussions may center around re-evaluating the price or introducing our "Sweeten the Deal" tactic. This strategic move broadens your appeal to a wider audience or enhances the allure for buyers who've already shown interest.

  • With a keen eye on market dynamics, we ensure your home remains positioned for success, adapting our approach as needed to achieve optimal results

Step 15: Dynamic Open House Approach

  • As part of our comprehensive marketing strategy, we provide you with the option to conduct Open Houses during the initial weeks of our campaign.

  • Recognizing that preferences vary among our clients, participation in Open Houses is entirely optional. Some find immense value in this approach, while others may choose otherwise.

  • An Open House serves as a powerful tool, creating a buzz around your property and facilitating multiple viewings in a single day. It's a strategic move to generate heightened interest and efficiently showcase your home to a diverse pool of potential buyers.

Step 16: Elevated House Staging Experience

  • Elevate your home's appeal with our House Staging service. A dedicated Home Staging Consultant will personally guide you through the advantages and benefits of staging your home.

  • Did you know? According to the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes sell in 78% less time than their non-staged counterparts.

Step 17: Del Val’s "100 Day Guaranteed Sale Program"

  • Our exclusive "100 Day GUARANTEED SALE PROGRAM"* assures you peace of mind. We'll purchase your house if we can't sell it within the first 100 days. Details below:

  • If unsold in 100 days, we'll purchase at 86% of the last listing price or the appraised value (whichever is lower) if we represent you in buying your new home.

  • Or, at 82% of the last listing price or the appraised value (whichever is lower) if we don't represent you in buying your next home.

  • Seller covers normal closing fees and required repairs.

  • Exclusions: Short sales, bank REOs, foreclosures, or investor properties.

  • Sellers have the option to waive the 100-day GUARANTEED SALE PROGRAM and continue with a traditional listing.

Subject to Broker Approval

Step 18: Seamless Home Transition with Del Val

  • Begin the journey to your new home with Del Val by your side. We proactively search for your ideal property and offer expert representation throughout the purchase process.

  • As a token of our appreciation, enjoy a $1,000 credit at the closing of your new home. Del Val is committed to making your transition smooth and rewarding.

One Last Favor for a Cause

  • As a token of our gratitude, if you share the benefits of our exclusive 18-Step VIP Seller Program with three friends and one of them chooses Del Val Realty & Property Management to sell their home, we'll extend a $500 charitable contribution in your name to the charity of your choice. It's a meaningful way to pay it forward while celebrating your role in our community-driven success.